Media: TV interview on where romance scams meets investment fraud

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1 May 2020 – For the Dutch TV program Meldpunt, I discussed a new type of Internet fraud, combining two previously existing forms of fraud: Romance scams and investment fraud. Via social media and online dating platforms, scammers are looking for potential victims, presenting themselves as the ideal partner. During the dating process, the scammer encourages the victim to invest in cryptocurrencies, through dodgy platforms, basically transferring the money directly to the scammer. Similar to other investment scams, this can be long process with multiple investments, leading to large financial losses. Add in the emotional and psychological pain of betrayal by a romantic partner, and you have got a devastating scam with potentially long lasting effects for the victims.

You can read more about this topic on the Erasmus School of Economics website, and watch the associated TV episode by Meldpunt here.